Yes, this creepy photo that does NOT fit my color scheme At All (either above or behind these words, depending on your device) is actually me, at my actual tiny desk, in a little corner of my bedroom. Why, you ask? Because, hey, man, I’m human. I’m a mom. A wife. A twenty-something wondering when the hell my instincts are gonna kick in and I’ll dig myself out of the hole that is early adulthood. The point is, I’m nothing fancy. I took this picture with Snapchat (HA, spellcheck tried to change this to “snatch”), with that prettifying filter, because at the moment, I have makeup smudges under my eyes from crying because my nursing 11mo almost bit my nip off tonight. Can you spell FUN FUCKING TIME? Because I can. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, Lovelies, welcome to my “home.” At this wonderful place, you can find a new post every Wednesday on life, love, or writing. Sometimes all three, because I make the rules here. *wild grin* On the first Saturday of every month, I publish a new short book (currently working on the Lost Souls series, which you can read more about on my books page below), and the rest of the time I’m mostly just trying to reconcile being alive with actually living. Like, what is sleep? What are date nights? Free time? What?

Also, in case you’ve been here before and you’re confused: the site is undergoing some changes, because it didn’t feel very me. Considering I’m often unsure of who exactly that is, it had to be pretty off base…so I’m making some necessary tweaks until I feel like every piece of it is screaming, “HELLO, WORLD, I AM NORAH GRAVES,” because I think it’s unfair to my readers to project bullshit. 😉

Norah Graves